Learning.futures worked with a team of screen industry and media training professionals to create ‘The Power of Screen Presenting: Communicate effectively and authentically online’, a professional development program for UTS staff. Check out some of the feedback so far….


“Just wanted to let you know that this was one of the best workshops I have ever attended. The two facilitators were brilliant and the studio staff were great too.”


“I learnt really valuable lessons about writing content and about myself as a presenter. I now just want to do more of this.”


“The potential for changing the way we deliver online content is phenomenal. If further workshops or advanced sessions are in the pipeline, I would love to be involved.”


“I just wanted to say the workshop was just great – very professional, very friendly. As someone who has been flipping a subject for 4 years now and who has made amateur videos, the workshop was wonderful. Congratulations.”


“In this workshop, I not only learned a lot of practical skills that I can apply to any form of presentation, I now feel a lot more comfortable with the idea of presenting on screen. I am actually looking forward to seeing my finished video once editing is complete; something I never would have dreamed of saying before.”


Final dates – book now!

Final dates with available places as at Monday 21st November are below. Email Belinda.Barrett@uts.edu.au to book your spot!

Week Commencing 28 Nov
Monday November 28 – 2 spots | Tuesday November 29 – 1 spot | Wednesday November 30 – 2 spots | Thursday Dec 1- FULL |  Friday December 2 – 4 spots

Week Commencing 5 Dec
Monday Dec 5 – 3 spots |Tuesday December 6 – 8 spots | Wednesday December 7 – 5 spots | Thursday December 8 – 5 spots | Friday December 9 – 5 spots

Week Commencing 12 Dec
Monday December 12 – 6 spots | Tuesday December 13 – 2 spots | Wednesday Dec 14 – 7 spots | Thursday December 15 – 7 spots | Friday December 16 – 1 spot

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