…that the more you think you understand learning the more you realise you don’t. Something I noticed again recently is when enough time is given to learners for reflection and collaboration getting into a ‘state of flow’ and ‘intensity’ is possible even in a world where there are seemingly endless distractions.

Jane Hunter
In action in Singapore, November 2016

My go-to reading for learning and teaching inspiration is…

…one written by Paul Black & Dylan Wiliam (2001): Inside the Black Box. The paper mirrors my life-long fascination with pedagogy and a belief that teaching and learning has to be interactive. Technology-enhanced learning plays a vital role in promoting interactivity in how I teach at UTS.

The thing that gives me the most joy in teaching is…

…working alongside preservice teachers in universities and teachers, principals and young people in schools.

Vintage fabrics and flowers

On my next trip away for work…

… next week I am going to Austin, Texas to speak about my research in STEM in NSW public schools.

Outside of work, I’m passionate about…

…my family, Kundalini yoga, and finding unusual vintage/recycled fabrics.

Dr Jane Hunter is an education academic who teaches in the School of Education, UTS. Visit Jane’s website and blog about her research, High Possibility Classrooms, or Follow Jane on Twitter.

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