What is the learning.futures Academic Hub?

A dynamic and evolving new initiative, the learning.futures Academic Hub will serve as a one-stop shop for academic staff. Whether you need help with subject design, technical assistance or anything else related to learning and teaching, you won’t walk away from the learning.futures Academic Hub without a solution to your issue, or at least a pathway to finding a solution.

Where is it?

The learning.futures Academic Hub is in Building 6, just after the footbridge if you’re walking over from Building 1, and conveniently nearby the DAB cafe.

Academic Hub teamWhat can I do there?

Tailored assistance is available right now with UTSOnline Staff Drop-in Clinics in the month of March. Either make an appointment or come by during our drop-in hours to get help with UTSOnline, REVIEW, SPARK or Turnitin. You can book into a Drop-in session now on our Events page. In the future you’ll be able to access a broad range of services via the Hub, such as advice from Library staff.

What comes next?

There are always so many changes happening at UTS that it can be hard to keep up, but we’ll be posting updates on our progress in launching the learning.futures Academic Hub on the Futures blogStay tuned to hear all the developments.

Want to know more?

Feel free to drop by during business hours if you’d like to check out what’s happening with the space. For any inquiries please contact Lucy Arthur at

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