A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a couple of colleagues in FEIT (Anthony Kadi and Steve Leavett-Brown) about a new subject they are designing, and I suggested some activities and resources to develop their students’ communication skills. When I emailed them to Steve, he said, and I quote: “sharing resources is a great idea, not done enough. In fact if a FEIT ‘Communications folder’ could be set up with access by all tutors- we could add resources whenever we find them and build up a really useful ‘teaching resource bank’
feit-tl-hubWhat an excellent idea! A place to share ideas, activities, worksheets, video clips to develop students’ communication skills! Where you can dip in and find advice on giving individual presentations, group presentations, writing reflectively, supporting arguments with evidence, debating, active listening, using images in reports…

So I asked my colleague Detlev Kerkovius (IML/FEIT team learning technologist) if we could create a folder in the FEIT Teaching and Learning Hub, and about 5 minutes later it was done.


How to find it?

Go to UTSOnline > FEIT Teaching & Learning Hub > Learning Design & Delivery > Resources for Communication Skills

You’re welcome to use any of the resources in the folder, and we’ll be adding to them throughout the year. If you have a favourite activity or resource you’d like to share, send it to Detlev: Detlev.Kerkovius@uts.edu.au  or me Rosalie.goldsmith@uts.edu.au  and we’ll upload it. Just let us know which subject you use it in, so other teaching staff will know whether students in their subjects might have done the activity before or not.

What about other faculties?juggling

If you like the sound of this but you’re not in FEIT, check with the Teaching & Learning team in your faculty and see if you can set up something similar.

Sharing: so much better than trying to do it all alone…


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