Creatives Get Cooperative Seminar

Featuring Dr Natalia Nikalova of UTS Business, along with a diverse range of panellists, the Creatives Get Cooperative seminar is a collaborative effort in exploring how creatives work in the new economy. Continuing from last year’s VIVID Ideas, 2017’s seminar will focus on reclaiming “the language of collaboration and develop networks to build creative ventures through joint collaboration and shared ownership”. UTS Bursary Support is providing limited complimentary registration spaces for students, collaborators and cooperators who may like to attend the event but do not have the financial resources, check the event page for details!

Marketing to the Machines: Why Algorithms Will Define the Future of Everything

It’s the age of data and although algorithms are increasingly being used to define what we see and how we interact online, to many they are still a mystery. This event will “explore how algorithms will shape the way we acquire and employ knowledge, how they will reframe ethics and morality, and ultimately how they can help solve some of life’s most existential questions”. Consider our curiosity piqued.

The Future of Work is Freelance

It’s a provocative proposition, the idea that traditional workplace structures are changing so much that we’ll all be freelancers one day. Future work is one of our favourite topics, so we’re keen to hear the argument behind this one.

Time Management for Creative People

We’d like to believe that everyone uses a little creativity in their job, so this is probably a good topic for anyone who wants to improve their productivity and organisational skills at work.

Designing and Engineering the Posthuman Age

This event will “examine the emerging fields of nano technology, artificial intelligence and extreme life extension with experts and discuss posthuman ethics, the current state of technology and future possibilities.” As always, thinking about innovation and future technologies is an irresistible discussion for us. If we’re entering the posthuman age, we figure this is a good place to start learning more about it.

This is of course just a taste of a huge and exciting program. Check the schedule for more on the Vivid website.

Feature image by Pavel, CC BY 2.0

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