When Phoebe asked me to write a blog post about Steptember at UTS, the Careers team and I were actually selling cupcakes and brownies to raise some extra cash towards our sponsorship target… because not everyone likes walking, right?? “What a great idea!” I thought, and I started to write about what Steptember means for me… my lunchtime walks to Darling Harbour, walking down the stairs from Level 25, the 5am runs before my train ride from Wollongong and the ongoing debate about what really constitutes moderate intensity house cleaning.

And then I realised…Steptember isn’t about me, is it?  How much money my team has raised, my daily grind of at least 10,000 steps, my sore muscles, my improved fitness… all of that’s irrelevant. Every 15 hours an Australian child is born with cerebral palsy, and that’s why we are all doing what we’re doing; raising money and awareness to help support the 34,000 Australians living with cerebral palsy to access the services they need.

Stepping forward

So what do we do at the end of Steptember? If you’re raising money, raising awareness, or simply trying to improve your health; let’s not forget why we’re doing it. Remember that while Steptember will come to an end, the barriers for people living with cerebral palsy will continue. Let’s continue to help in any small way we can and fight for a more accessible world. Suggestions welcome!If you’d like to donate to Steptember, talk to a colleague who’s involved! Alternatively you can donate to the UTS Careers Drop-In team here.

Feature image credit: Jeffrey Wegrzyn

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