As many of you know, we’ve been working hard at setting up our new space in Building 6. Up until now you’ve known us as the learning.futures Academic Hub, but we now have a brand new name to match our freshly renovated space. From here on, we are the LX.lab, short for Learner experience lab. If you’d like to find out more about what learner experience is, take a look at Lucy’s post In a nutshell: learner experience.

What is the LX.lab?

The LX.lab is a central spot for UTS staff to get help learning and teaching help, advice, and inspiration. We offer:

  • Learning technology drop-in hours (weekdays 11am-1pm, beginning 30 October)
  • An events program run by the LX.lab team from IML, and other learning and teaching areas such as ITD, AVS, the Library, and postgraduate.futures.
  • Bookable spaces for Faculty/other learning and teaching events or meetings
  • Casual space for UTS staff to use as a work area

Where is the LX.lab?

It’s exactly where the Hub was – in Building 6, on Level 4, across the courtyard from the DAB cafe. The room number is CB06.04.020.

What has changed?

Well for one thing, the space has been completely transformed! Take a step inside our new sliding doors and take a look to the left – you’ll see our new Lab Bar, a space for members of the UTS learning and teaching community to showcase new technology and innovations. Glance around the room and you’ll see that the stationary desks have been replaced by movable chairs and tables, making the LX.lab a collaborative and convertible space.

Your favourite things about the hub will still be available at the lab. We’ll be holding our drop-ins, at a new and more convenient time. Our usual events like Techo Tuesday and Tooltime are back on the program, as well as a whole lot more.

Why the new name?

Simply, this name more aptly describes what the purpose of the space is. We’re deeply passionate about improving every aspect of learner experience at UTS, as well as maintaining our high standards, so our new name reflects our aims.

When is all this happening?

Right now! We open the space to all UTS staff on 30 October! We’ll be ringing out the end of the year with a month-long program of special events. We’ll have even more to offer next year.

Thank you!

This exciting initiative could not have happened without the support of the UTS learning and teaching community who got involved with our space from the beginning. If you’ve come to one of our events, contributed to or read posts on the blog, or even made use of our drop-in sessions, thank you! We’re looking forward to seeing you back in the LX.lab when it opens.

What next?

This is your place and there are a bunch of ways for you to get involved. You can register for our launch day celebration, take a look at our upcoming events, and/or participate by hosting your own event in the space. And if you’ve got questions, shoot us an email at

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