Design thinking is so hot right now. Its methodology can be applied in all industries, and it has great transformational potential for learning design. is also hot right now. Its videos are high quality, its lessons easy to follow, and as UTS staffers, we have unlimited access. just happens* to have a comprehensive, multi-part video course on Design Thinking, and so us LX.labsters are going to work our way through them together.

We all know it can be tough to prioritize and schedule time to learn new ideas on your own, so going through the course together with a little bit of group participation might be the motivation you need.

If you’re available and interested, come join us in the LX.lab on Wednesday as we watch the first course, Design Thinking: Understanding the Process.


Topics for this week include:

Agile, lean, and design thinking
Preparing to sell design thinking to your organization
Finding the real problem
Correcting course
Offshoring and outsourcing
Getting past organizational inertia and silos
Tracking your success

Every week or so we’ll work our way through another Design Thinking course. If you can’t make it but are interested in the idea, register anyway, or leave a comment – you can watch it in your own time, and we can keep you in the loop for the next one. We may even set up a Slack channel for those who want to continue the discussion!



*Of course it does. It’s a quintessentially Linda.comian topic. You can see the full course list at Stay Competitive Using Design Thinking

  • Hi

    I can’t find where to register for this course. could you please forward me the course time and registration link.
    thank you Carolyn Hayes

    • Hi Carolyn, this post has resurfaced, but it was actually from last year. The course is still available, however, and the link is in the article.

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