AirMedia is very simple to use. Some of the lecture theatres already have the application loaded. You will see the icon on the panel, and you need to drag it to the projector rectangle. See the image below.

the interface used to control wireless presenting, showing the 'airmedia' option on the right side, with the text 'press and drag a source icon onto the screen to show video'. Underneath are six source icons - lectern PC, laptop, VGA, AirMedia, Blu ray and Doc Cam.

It works for PC and Mac but you will need to Download and install AirMedia Utility Software on your laptop. Mac users will need to download Soundflower for the audio to work. For iPhone and iPad devices, the AirMedia app is available from iTunes. For Android devices, the AirMedia app is available from Google Play.

How to use it with PC or Mac

Drag the Airmedia icon to the Creston projector rectangle
You will get an IP address and a code
Enter the IP and code on your device
You are connected now

Mobile users

Steps 1 to 4 are applicable but you will need to browse your content from the application, see image below:

a shot of the android interface for the airmedia app, with four white icons against a black background: document, picture, browser and shot&show

If you have any questions, you can contact Jeremy Harper (AVS). I know it can be daunting with a few things to download but after that it works great.

Interested in wireless presenting? Tell us about your experiences in the comments, and take a look at the benefits we’ve previously talked about on Futures. 

Feature image credit: Alejandro Escamilla.

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