In a day and age where everyone wants to promote their best self, Nick Hopwood is doing the exact opposite by promoting his failures with what he calls his “rejection wall”. Imagine walking to someone’s office to see the exterior covered with letters summarising one’s failures and rejections. Hopwood believes by publishing his losses like a shadow CV, he can help normalise rejection for both students and academics.

Since Nick posted on Futures earlier this year, this approach has really caught on! An image of his wall posted to twitter got over one thousand retweets, he was recently featured in an article for U Magazine, and twitter users such as @AlexaDelbosc and @steveslack have started to join in. They’re not the only ones though – by simply searching #rejectionwall on twitter, you can find many other people joining in on the conversation.

We had a quick chat with Nick, to learning more about the pedagogic message behind the rejection wall. Check it out in the video below!

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