What’s the UTSOnline inline feedback tool?

The UTSOnline inline feedback tool is used to make comments on the page in a UTSOnline Assignment.

Does the change affect Turnitin?

The change does not affect Turnitin as it uses a different inline feedback tool.

What’s changing?

Box viewer is replacing the Crocodoc inline feedback tool. You’ll now be able to view a much wider range of file types when marking, including audio and video.

You’ll be able to make dot comments and comment on selected text. You can also highlight text, but only one colour is available. Blackboard is working with Box to add additional commenting tools.

The rest of the grading setup for UTSOnline assignments will continue to work in the same way.

The UTSOnline Help page contains more detail on the changes, though you can also contact ITD or your Learning Technologist if you have other questions.

What will happen to the feedback I added with the old inline feedback tool?

Staff and students will still be able to to see the feedback created in the old tool but staff won’t be able to edit it. Staff can add new comments with the Box viewer.

When is it changing?

The change is happening between 6am and 8am on the 14th of January 2018.

Comments from the old inline feedback tool may take a little while to appear, though comments from the new tool will appear immediately.

Why is it changing?

The current provider owns both Crocodoc and Box and has decided to retire Crocodoc. There is no option to continue with Crocodoc, with all Blackboard sites worldwide making the change to Box.

Are there any known issues with the upgrade?

Yes. You can find out about them on the Known Issues page.

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