In the Academic Language and Learning (ALL) team we work closely with academic staff to help embed literacy practices into teaching. Over the last few years we have noticed a rising number of requests from academic staff to provide support material and advice for students, on critical reading and writing skills.

Students’ concerns revolve around not being able to manage the number of texts they have to read. The reading infographic provides a guide for understanding the structure of academic texts and how to take notes to use later as evidence in assignments. The infographic is organised in a way to lead students from their first broad reading to a more in-depth reading that involves thinking about their reactions to the text and making annotations. The infographic can help students become more efficient readers by directing them to the parts of the text they need to identity in order to grasp the content.

Download the Reading Infographic (PDF)

Similarly, the most frequently asked question from academics about writing is that students do not know how to go beyond description to analysis, in order to develop an argument and write more critically. Students can use the writing infographic to scaffold their writing and use their understanding of text structure to inform their own writing.

Download the Writing Infographic (PDF)

Faculty contacts

If you would like more information about developing your students’ reading and writing skills do not hesitate to contact a member of the ALL team:

Deborah Nixon
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Kerry Hunter
Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education

Caroline Havery
Faculty of Health

Rosalie Goldsmith
Faculty of Engineering and IT

Neela Griffiths
Faculty of Science


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