From strolling through terrains at Machu Picchu Peru to conquering the mountains of Mont Cenis France, the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge has #Teamlab on their feet and on the go.

The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge enables employees from around the world to get in teams of 7, to compete in a challenge to improve their physical and psychological health. The challenge kicks off with a 100 day virtual journey around the globe. In their teams, employees must track their fitness activity daily to unlock new locations and mini-challenges.

My bad back is actually what motivated me to join the Global Challenge, as I can’t stay seated in the same position for long periods of time. After experiencing a back injury last year, it’s made me realise how important it is to be active in a sedentary job. In working a 9 to 5 job it’s so easy to overlook the hours you spend seated each day. What’s concerning about this is numerous studies indicate that sitting for too long can have some really adverse affects on your health. So the Global Challenge was a fun way to get a team of like-minded individuals together, to raise awareness of the sitting syndrome in our work and personal lives to spend less time sitting and more time up and about.

But that’s just me, check out what the rest of the team has to say…

Phoebe Huang
Like everyone else, one of my new year’s resolutions was to be more active. Also like most people, I started falling off the wagon. Sticking to your resolutions can be tough. It requires a LOT of self-discipline and will power, something that can be difficult to do on your own. But the power of #teamwork and #collaboration can do wonders. Being in a team with as much support and encouragement as ours, I can already tell has encouraged me to work harder and be more active. I can’t wait to see how everything will unfold in the next three months! #Teamlabftw

Leslie McInnes
I have always been very active but lately 10,000 steps was an erratic achievement, the shine had worn off my bicycle and the pool looked, well just plain cold. I thought the Global Challenge would be fun and inspire me and guess what? It does. I have a whole team’s worth of encouragement every day to go that bit further or break that personal best. Only a week in and the bike is beckoning again. Thanks TeamLab!

Anna Stack
As the newbie in the office the Global Challenge looked like a fun way to better get to know the team and had the added benefit of some motivation to get moving. I always thought that I was reasonably active but this challenge has made me way more aware of what I am achieving and provides great incentive to look for more ways to be active and beat my previous day’s steps. I am so glad I joined the challenge with TeamLab!

Matilda Fay
I received the invitation for the global challenge on one of those days: I was on my fourth coffee and not enough sleep. It felt like time to shake things up and concentrate on my health! So far it’s working. The steps aren’t everything, for me it’s all about making it a priority to check in with my body.

Anna Nordon
I joined the global challenge to encourage myself and the team to be more active. It was also a good opportunity to get an accurate overview of my current activity.

William Song
When I heard about the Global Challenge, I was eager to jump on board as they were giving out free fitness trackers. I love freebies but also love being able to keep track of my daily steps, which is a great indicator of my daily activity level.


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