Spring session is well and truly underway! The students have returned! Do you know the lingo? Certified Generation Z Member Aaron Liu (and Media Arts and Production student) has volunteered to bring staff up to speed in this video, How to Talk Like Generation Z (mostly from the west).

Your reference guide:

Ceebs: when one simply cannot be bothered

e.g. “I called in sick to work because I was so ceebs for that”

Chat: when something is not to one’s liking

e.g. “My mate cooked me this dish and I pretended to like it but it was so chat.”

Fuar: a term used to add and/or enhance a specific emotion or to show that one is impressed

e.g. “Fuar no way you got that job offer straight after you applied.”

Gee up: a term to express one’s excitement

e.g. “Kristina is celebrating her birthday at karaoke, what a gee up.”

Gee down: a term to express one’s disappointment, the opposite of ‘gee up’

e.g. “The lady told me that they ran out of ice-cream, what a gee down.”

Hard: a term used when agreeing with something or someone

e.g. “Man the most recent episode was so bad.”


Jet: a term used when leaving a location

e.g. “It was good seeing you, but I have to jet now.”

Sack: to disregard

e.g. “I really had no energy to do my homework so I decided to sack it.”

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