Since launching early this year, UTS Open has been ramping up its selection of taster courses – designed by UTS academics, learning designers and a range of industry partners. Taster courses are available free and take around 3-5 hours to complete.

Genetic Counselling is a fascinating introduction to the interface between genetic and genomic science, the individuals and families living with inherited conditions and ground breaking health technology. It provides a taste of the upcoming Master of Genetic Counselling being launched at UTS next year.

a blurred background of a crowd with a genetic chart overlaid

What is genetic counselling?

Genetic counsellors work with individuals and families who are living with inherited conditions. It’s a rapidly growing profession, made possible by ongoing scientific research into the role that genes play in our lives and health, through initiatives like the Human Genome Project. Genetic counsellors have the knowledge and expertise to guide their patients through the overwhelming and often confusing process of genetic and genomic testing. Genetic counsellors aren’t just a source of information though – they’re also skilled communicators who help their patients understand and adapt to information about their genetics.

Why is it the next big thing?

The need for genetic counsellors is on the rise due to the increased availability of genetics technology for people to make a variety of health decisions. However there is a huge gap in qualified people to step up to the challenge, and students are experiencing great rates of employment once they finish their qualifications.

What’s in the course?

We hear from industry experts and practicing genetic counsellors working in a range of roles, and we meet a family with a history of cancer and explore the ways a genetic counsellor might work with them. We look at genetic counselling in 2018, and reflect both on the development of the profession, and future directions for genetic counsellors.

You will be guided by academics who are preparing the next generation of genetic counsellors, and you’ll be encouraged to think about the ways in which the profession of genetic counselling is evolving and the opportunities that lie ahead. If you are curious about genetics and genomics and the people who work at the interface between science and families, this course is for you! You can register for and complete the course on UTS Open.

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