Date: Thursday 13th September
Time: 1PM
Location: Guthrie Theatre, Building 6
RSVP: Anna Neo on x1465 or email
Lunch provided for those who RSVP

During this meeting I would like to hear your feedback on the ways in which we propose to expend strategic initiative funding of $1million over the next 12 months to improve our students’ English language capability. A broad outline of the current proposal is:

UTS is required to evidence English proficiency required to participate in study (Higher Education Standard)


  • UTS develop an accountability framework to monitor implementation of the current policy which requires all incoming students to be assessed on their English language proficiency.
  • UTS develop a formal process for analysing the English language proficiency of cohorts entering UTS from various pathways. Where the analysis indicates that cohorts from particular pathways can be identified, on average as having insufficient English language skills to embark on their course of study, any individual applicant from this pathway can be required pre-enrolment, to undertake a test of their English language proficiency.
  • Each formal award course to include one subject which embeds the OPELA or equivalent along with follow-up resources and activities that support students’ development of English language proficiency in the context of communication tasks appropriate to the discipline.
  • At each level of the formal award course, or at appropriate stages in a degree, there are subjects identified as having a substantial focus on developing, assessing and providing feedback on students’ English language skills (including written and spoken language) in the context of disciplinary and professional forms of communication. These subjects to be tagged in a manner which can be recorded within CIS.
  • UTS continue to provide adequate resources to the existing services and supports provided to UTS students to develop their English language skills.
  • UTS develop a communications plan which clearly notes the UTS policies regarding embedding English Language and the assessment of English Language proficiency.

I look forward to seeing you there

Professor Shirley Alexander
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education and Students)

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