Want to share video content, but not too sure which video streaming platform best suits your learning and teaching needs? Look no further, the LX.lab has THE event for you.  Our upcoming event, ‘Find your perfect video streaming’ platform match will give the audience an opportunity to learn more about each of the eligible contenders; KalturaYouTubeVimeo and Stream. We’ve asked our contenders to remain anonymous and embody the mind, body and soul of each one of these streaming platforms to help you find your perfect match. Check out the bio for one of the four video streaming platforms below.


I was the first video sharing site to support high-definition video. I started November 2004 and the name is a play on the words video + me. Cute isn’t it.

Data centre base

United States

What is your best feature?

When you see films on Vimeo you see them in their best possible quality. We are the place for high definition video including 4K which is why serious filmmakers come here. They like to be around other quality work. Whilst we have a basic free plan we do charge a fee depending on how much data you upload. All good things cost and that way we have NO advertising for viewers. A much better way to show your film.

I know you all know YouTube but here are some of the Pros of Vimeo Vimeo favors higher quality content (ie. displays what is great, not popular) Higher quality contributors tend to post there Customization of video player (logo, colors, thumbnails etc) Can use own domain Analytics is more detailed

What makes you different from every other video streaming platform?

We are a place where we build the skills and of filmmakers wanting to make quality work. We pride ourselves on supportive tutorials, easy controls, and a stable place for streaming and the video quality of HD is a lot better than YouTube.


There are more to come, so stay tuned on Futures! This post is an extension of the LX.lab’s ‘Find your perfect video streaming‘ event.

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