“We’re figuring out how technology will be able to help us with the pain points in our work,” Steven Sommer, Digital and Social Media Officer for FEIT, explains. “Rather than spending an hour on a repetitive task, why don’t I spend some time thinking about how I can make it easier in the future.” 

Steven noticed a common pain point: managing requests for access to Social Studio, the University’s new Salesforce platform for managing UTS social media channels (Learn about social media at UTS). Steven is one of five Social Studio super users and he wanted a way to “work together and collaborate” with the other super users “without having to rely on email. We wanted to be able to see the requests, action those tasks, and keep a track record all in one place.”  

Steven solved the problem using Forms, Flow, and Teams—three Office 365 apps. The requestee fills out a Form, which triggers Flow to collect the information and push it to Teams, along with a button that links directly to Social Studio so that the super users can create a new profile. “Everyone has access to the record at the same time,” Steven explains, and because it’s automated the record is always up to date.  

Importantly, the Flow that Steven has built includes some innovative security features that ensure only the correct people are able to gain access to Social Studio. Before the data from Forms is pushed to Teams, Flow “parses” the information and checks the identity of the requestee against the staff database. Flow benefits from Microsoft’s agile product development and can cope with increasingly complex tasks.  

Steven is hopeful that this solution can be expanded to other areas. “We’re looking at doing something similar for things like budget requests within the team. It can be used for anything, really. The possibilities are huge.” 

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Tips and tricks

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What’s new?

Office 365 is constantly being updated with new features to increase its functionality, making it easier to collaborate between apps and between people. Have you heard about this new feature?   

You can share a window, presentation, or your whole desktop with another Teams user. In chat, click on the video call icon in the top right corner. Once the call has started, an icon to share screens will appear.


Soon you will be able to share your screen without having to start a video chat.  Microsoft have recently announced that this feature is complete and, once testing has finished, it will be rolled out to Teams users worldwide.

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