Stay safe on campus

As well as patrolling the campus, UTS Security looks after everything from lost property to evacuation procedures. Security also operates a nighttime security shuttle bus and an escort service for travelling between campus buildings. Read all about staying safe on campus, including personal safety tips and emergency info for teaching staff.

Park your bicycle

With many UTS staff choosing two wheels to get work, several secure bicycle cages are located on the UTS campus, with the most extensive facilities – including lockers and showers – found in Building 10, as well as Building 5A and the Dr Chau Chak Wing Building. Find bicycle parking, showers and lockers.

Bicycle parking in Building 10
Bicycle parking in Building 10

Find a meeting room

Shared staff meeting spaces are available across campus for times when your own meetings rooms are booked out or large spaces are needed. Locate them and discover how to book a shared meeting room on StaffConnect.

Book furniture set-up or removal

When graduations, exams or another campus event is looming and you need furniture set up beforehand and removed afterwards, who do you call? No one, actually. You need to complete an online form to book furniture set-up or removal and provide as much notice as possible.

Request a cleaning service

If you spot any cleaning or pest control issues that need attention, or a green space that needs some tender loving care, it’s simple to log a job online.

Get building maintenance help

Air-conditioning on the blink or a cracked window spoiling the view? Don’t ignore it, report it to our Building Services team, which looks after maintenance and repairs right across campus. It’s a quick and easy online process to request a building maintenance or repair service online.

Building Services staff on campus
Building Services staff on campus

Solve staff card issues

Your staff card is pretty essential to surviving on campus, so it’s useful to know where to go for answers if you have an issue. Whether you need a replacement, want to change your access rights or simply aren’t quite sure how to use it, Staff Connect has some handy info.

Find child care

Two not-for-profit childcare centres, Blackfriars Children’s Centre and Magic Pudding Child Care Centre, service the UTS campus. While waiting times often apply, the good news is that UTS staff are generally offered places before other eligible groups – and at favourable daily rates. Get more info on childcare here.

Parents at Blackfriars Children's Centre
Blackfriars Children’s Centre

Find more campus services

Want more? The answers to many everyday questions are on StaffConnect. It’s your go-to source for information on campus systems and facilities and much more besides. Information is updated periodically so please check back from time to time.

This article was originally published on StaffConnect and is reposted here with permission. 

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