You might remember that last year, some changes were made to the process for grade submission. Here’s our post on the changes to refresh your memory.

But if you haven’t quite got the hang of it, or if you need reminding after the holiday break, we’ve got you covered! We are currently holding Grade Submission workshops and registration is open to all staff.

What are the benefits of the changes?

  1. You no longer need to use SLS sheets to submit student end of session results! The new Grade Submission process cuts out this administrative step. The new steps are easy, and we’ll show you how to cut to the chase at the workshop.
  2. Your subject Grade Centre will be more organised and easier to manage. With the process now streamlined, there are shortcuts you might not know about yet.
  3. The new process will make it easier for subject audits as all your information will be in one place (rather than multiple spreadsheets).
  4. And because the new process is automated, you can minimise human errors and transfer and sync grades with CASS in just a few clicks.

*Please note: the AVR process remains the same.

How can I attend the workshop?

We’re running two grades submission workshops, on 19 February and 25 February. You can register for either of these dates below. We look forward to seeing you there!

Grades submission workshop (All faculties) | 19 February

Grades submission workshop (All faculties) | 25 February

Please note: these workshops are for all faculties. We are also running a number of faculty-specific workshops, which you can view on our What’s On page.

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