Calling all subject matter experts. The ABC is expanding its database of women as expert sources, part of ABC News’ commitment to improving its diversity of expert talent and spokespeople across news programming to obtain a more balanced and appropriate representation of men and women in their stories.

Throughout February, ABC News is building out its central database of women who are subject matter experts and established or emerging leaders across a whole range of industries. UTS is collaborating with the ABC to identify the very many talented women who can speak to a range of important issues. Women are invited to nominate themselves or their colleagues as potential contributors to ABC News digital and broadcast platforms – as sources and commentators, or to provide analysis/opinion.

For women who have never participated in a media interview or written an op-ed before and feel nervous or unsure, please don’t be discouraged from nominating. The ABC is deliberately seeking fresh, diverse voices and perspectives from women of all backgrounds and ages to add to their talent pool, so be bold and put up your hand.

All nominees contacted by the ABC’s experienced interview producers and talent bookers will be guided and supported through the process.

This is your chance to contribute to the national conversation, have a say and help set the news agenda.

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To nominate yourself or a colleague/s, simply fill out this form. If you have multiple names and would prefer a template to fill out, email

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Contact the UTS media team for more information or to inquire about media training opportunities at UTS.

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