Need a reminder of how to reminder of how to set up assessment tasks for your Spring 2019 subject(s)?

The LX.lab has a line-up of Just-In-Time workshops this July and August to help you with some of the more common tasks you may have for the start of a teaching session. Have a look at our line up below, and book in for one (or more) of these workshops.

You are … You want to … Have a look at these workshops …
New to teaching at UTS Find out more about the main learning technologies at UTS
A subject coordinator Have a refresher on how to set up assessment tasks in UTSOnline, REVIEW and/or Turnitin
A subject coordinator Set up your subject’s Grade Center for the grades submission process
A subject coordinator Make sense of the SPARKPlus’s Group Contribution Mode and begin to set up the process for your students
A subject coordinator Learn how to manage the Grade Center in UTSOnline to streamline the grades submission process
Teaching staff Learn how to mark UTSOnline, REVIEW and Turnitin assessment tasks
Teaching staff Learn how to interpret Turnitin’s similarity report

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