The Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion established the UTS Social Impact Grants in 2018 as a collaborative mechanism to enable research and practice in the social impact space and support the UTS community towards enhanced social impact. The 2019 round of Social Impact Grants are now open for application. Ten grants of up to $5,000 are being offered across two categories: research and practice. The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, UTS Business School and the Faculty of Health have committed to matching funding.

These grants were intended to inspire and support research and practice that aligns with the Social Impact Framework and the UTS 2027 Social Change imperatives. The intent of the grants is to be an enabling source of funding to assist and build the capacity of our community. The grants are designed to tap into the expertise of UTS researchers and practitioners, developing ongoing relationships, building capacity, and generating new opportunities for engaged research and practice.

Previous recipients

Recipients have reported the benefit of the grant as a “driver for working with partners that would not otherwise have taken place.” The grants not only rewards and recognises projects with positive social impact, but “opens up new avenues” for socially impactful research and practice. They build confidence and capacity in evaluating the social impact of work, while also reinforcing UTS’ commitment to social impact, with one recipient commenting;

“The UTS Social Impact Grants program shows the university’s true commitment to contributing to positive change in the community.”

Building capacity across the university

These grants are part of a suite of capacity building initiatives, designed to improve staff capability, access and opportunity to evaluate their social impact. Enhanced capacity is reliant on the ability of staff and students holding the required capabilities and access to relevant resources and opportunities to act. It is also reliant on the enhancement of social impact knowledge and practice of our stakeholders. Additional capacity building initiatives include evaluation workshops as well as the ‘Knowledge Bites Lunchtime Sessions’ – a community of practice that showcases the knowledge and expertise from across UTS, sharing experience and stories, builds the capacity of staff to undertake socially impactful work, and evaluate it.

The Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion

The UTS Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion is the coordinating vehicle for the university’s social justice agenda. Launched in 2018, the centre works alongside out partners to build upon UTS’s longstanding commitment to delivering positive social change. By catalysing and rewarding activities with social impact outcomes, the centre brings together research, education and practice from across UTS to benefit people and communities. The centre also oversees implementation and evaluation of the UTS Social Impact Framework and other whole-of-institution strategies which maximise the capacity of UTS staff and students to have social impact.

Applications for the UTS Social Impact Grants are now open. You can find more information, and apply online here.

Applications close June 24.

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