I ask one question whenever I write any piece of content – why should the audience care? If you want your blog to find and engage an audience you need to keep them in mind from the beginning.

First, let’s look at how your online audience is behaving

There is a ridiculous amount of content on the internet and people do not have much patience to find what they are looking for. This means your audience will:

  1. Make quick judgments
  2. Skim read

Now, here are seven blog writing tips keeping your audience in mind

1. Cater the topic to your audience

Write about something that would interest your audience (an obvious one but very important).

2. Make your content relatable

Let your personality shine through or tell a story as people are more likely to engage when they can relate to something. Blogs are meant to be conversational not just informative!

3. Don’t bury the important stuff

Grab their attention straight away so you hook them in and they keep reading.

4. Chunk your content

Create content that is easily skimmable by using subheadings, using dot points, embedding multimedia in the blog or adding pull-quotes.

5. Use short paragraphs and sentences

Again, keep it skimmable as no one wants to read a wall of text online.

6. Create interesting titles

To get that first click and make it shareable (just make sure it is relevant or you will risk angering your audience).

7. Finish with a call-to-action

Give the audience some action to take once they’re done reading so they can feel involved.

Interested in giving blog writing a go?

If you’ve got an idea for a Futures blog post or want to give writing a go but don’t know where to start – I’d love to hear from you.

Get in touch.

(See what I did there. I ended with a call-to-action. Now, what are you waiting for? Email me now).

Photo by Tomasz Zagórski on Unsplash.

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