What can Microsoft Planner do?

Microsoft Planner is designed to digitally transform the way you plan and organise, so this is a great way to stay organised and on top of your work, especially for those who are visual people. Not only can Planner be used to organise your work but in a few easy steps, it can also be used:

  • to organise a project or event
  • to collaborate, organise and assign tasks within a team
  • to keep track of personal to do list
  • as a basic reporting tool

But best of all, it can be accessible anywhere, anytime and lets you work across multiple devices!

Some frequently asked questions from the session:

How do I see my tasks on Planner? 

To see all tasks that are assigned to you across all your Planner boards, click My Tasks on the top left menu (bottom left from Planner hub when on mobile).

How do I use Planner with teams?

Planner works great with Teams – you can start a Planner board in a team by clicking the plus icon to add a new tab, and selecting Planner. This board will already be set up with all the team members. You can access it from Teams, or from Planner.



How do I export my Planner?

To export your Planner board to excel, click the ellipses next to Schedule at the top of the board and then click Export to Excel (will download a .xls file, not .csv).



Strategies for bucket headings/organising 

The general rule of thumb is the fewer buckets the better – simply because a screen can really only fit 4 buckets at a time, and it gets pretty annoying to have to scroll down and sideways to find things (also keep in mind that others in the Planner board might be using smaller mobile screens). So, 3-4 buckets is the key (e.g. to do, doing, done – or by high level streams of work) and then if you need to categorise tasks further, the coloured labels (which can be named) are very helpful.

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