The Whole of Course approach to moving from UTSOnline to Canvas is in progress. As you may know, it involves three main steps. First, you meet with your course team in a Course MeetUp. You then have about a month to plan your Canvas site (a process we call storyboarding). Finally, you build your Canvas subject site, with support from the LX.lab, in a MakerSpace session.

If the thought of building your Canvas site seems a little daunting, well, don’t worry. The LX.lab team have put together four training sessions to help you prepare for your upcoming MakerSpace.

A screenshot of the "How to be successful in this subject"page from the UTS Canvas shell
A page from the UTS Canvas Shell.

1. Canvas vs Blackboard

Want to know how Canvas is different from Blackboard? In this 1 hour session, you’ll learn how to find your way around Canvas, edit your account profile and use the Conversations Inbox tool to communicate with students.The first two sessions will take place on 17 September and 25 September. More dates will be released soon.

2. Create engaging content in Canvas

In Canvas, the content of your subject is organised via Modules and Pages. Modules are used to organise your subject by topics, themes or milestones while Pages are the spaces which contain your subject’s content.

In this 1.5 hour session, you will learn how to create and manage Modules and Pages in Canvas and how to create engaging and accessible pages. You’ll also be introduced to the basics of including links to files, websites and other Canvas pages.

The first sessions will take place on 19 September, 1 October and 9 October. More dates will be released soon.

3. Set up assessment tasks in Canvas

In Canvas, like in Blackboard, you can create online assignments in which students can submit a file, media recordings and links. In this 1.5 hour session, you’ll learn how to set up and manage online assignments in Canvas, and how to mark assignments and provide feedback to students.

The first sessions will take place on 23 September, 9 October and 21 October. More dates will be released soon.

4. Build Quizzes in Canvas

A Canvas Quiz is a tool that can be used to prepare students for class, to test their understanding of lectures and readings, and for formal assessment. In this 1 hour session, you’ll learn how to create an online quiz with different types of questions, set up and manage question banks, and import a Blackboard quiz into Canvas.

The first session will take place on 3 October. More dates will be released soon.

Starting soon!

These sessions will run from September. You can see and register now for one (or all) of the workshops through the links in this post, or via the Events page so you’re ready for your MakerSpace session.

You don’t need to attend all of these training sessions and you don’t need to attend them in any particular order. The main thing is come along with your laptop and be ready to learn.

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