Have you heard of the Student Learning Hub? It’s a major part of the new UTS Central building, but you may not know what it has to do with you or your students. We spoke with the team behind the Student Learning Hub to find out what you need to know about UTS’ latest learning support destination for students.

What is the Student Learning Hub?

Located at the boomerang desks on Level 4 of UTS Central, the new Student Learning Hub is a place for students to find support on campus, year-round.

What’s the difference between this and all the other places students can get support, like the Student Centre, HELPS or the Library?

That’s the thing – there are so many different places students can go for help that they sometimes don’t know who or where they actually need to go. The Student Learning Hub is like a one-stop-shop for students to receive advice on aspects of student life such as financial assistance, careers, assignment help, library services, or to have a general query answered.

Another key point of difference are our guides! When a student visits us at the Student Learning Hub, guides make sure they go to the right place to get the right advice, no matter their question.

How can you assist with teaching?

We’re here to support you as tutors, subject coordinators and course directors by guiding students to the appropriate service, workshop or help-point for their specific need.

How was the Hub created?

We did a comprehensive map of the student journey and created a schedule of pop-up services to ensure students on campus are supported at the appropriate time of session from a central location. We make sure our Hub guides provide guidance exactly when students are looking for it.

What support are students seeking now?

We find that students at this point of session are concerned about improving their assessment results; therefore, we’re focusing on academic language, referencing, avoiding plagiarism and other resources students can use to improve in assessments. HELPS, the Library and MSSC have pop-up services at the Hub so students can get the help they need right where they are.

We’ll be curating our focus into “themes” over time as student priorities change. Themes change from week to week though, so it’s always worth dropping into the Student Learning Hub to see what’s new.

What themes are coming up in the Hub?

  • Getting the most out of your time at Uni.
  • What’s next? Looking beyond the session or the degree.
  • Mental Health: Manage your stress and look after yourself.

Is this service available for students off-campus?

Right now we’re a face-to-face service point but watch this space! We’re only just beginning.

Want to know more? Drop by the Student Learning Hub on Level 4 of UTS Central and chat to one of our friendly guides.

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