Kaltura is the multimedia content management platform for UTS and is integrated into both UTSOnline and Canvas, allowing for interactive video content that can improve students’ online engagement.

Here are 3 key features that benefit you using Kaltura videos:

  1. Quizzes – Create a diverse structure of discussion questions and quizzes into segments in a video to deliver an active online learning environment to students.
  2. Use analytics to build in-class discussions or use the analytical data as revision material.  You can measure how engaging your video content is by reviewing:
  • the total number of views
  • the average drop-off point of the video
  • students’ responses, number of repeated attempts and length of time to complete the quiz
Screenshot of Analytics in Kaltura
Screenshot of Analytics in Kaltura

This data will help you understand which content students find the most engaging and whether improvements are needed. 

3. Kaltura can also act as a video repository, so you can have a dedicated central location for all videos and video quizzes for long-term consistency and sustainability. Students say consistency is important, which helps them to navigate easier through online content.

Here’s some information and tips in setting up for Video quiz. https://help.online.uts.edu.au/information-for-staff/kaltura-in-utsonline/

If you need assistance setting this up or want to know more about Kaltura, you can book in a face-to-face session at the LX.lab during drop-in hours.

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