I remember hearing the term time management for the first time, and how important it was, but I was never taught skills or ways to help manage time. I always thought that there was just not enough time in the day to get things done but after watching time management expert David Allen’s Getting Things Done video on Linkedin Learning, I’ve realised that it’s the way I’ve been managing my time and tasks that was the problem.

Things I learnt from David Allen’s Getting Things Done video

  • The worst practice is to make an agreement with yourself and leave it in your head because it is the leakiest place in the world which is why the best way to capture what to get done is to write it down.
  • There needs to be clarification on what tasks needs our attention on most and what the task involves to be able to organise it.
  • After deciding what the task means, it is essential to decide how to organise it, this could potentially include adding it to a calendar to be done specifically on a day and time or organising them by context. For instance, you could create an at-office list or an at-computer list to separate the tasks.
  • Scheduling a time at the end of every week to reflect on projects and tasks as well as looking forward and backwards on the calendar to review past and future tasks will help you stay oriented.

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Feature image by Sonja Langford.

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