Starting Autumn 2020, postgraduate courses will be taught in Canvas. Transformation of undergraduate courses will follow, with Canvas replacing Blackboard from 2021 and continuing into 2022.

We ‘canvassed’ feedback from our postgraduate teaching teams on their experience in Canvas so far, and asked what they like about the new learning management system ahead of the upcoming switch.

“The whole transition to Canvas is prompting teaching colleagues to come together again and think about ‘through lines’ through the course, and to jointly design the online learning platform. Our students will gain from that, but we gain from it as teachers too.”

A/Prof. Andrew Wright Hurley, Deputy Head of School of International Studies and Education

‘Canvas is helping me to design more creative and interactive on-line assessments suited to my students doing experiential learning subjects.’

Dr Beth Goldblatt, Associate Professor

‘Canvas offers a new look for learning. I am looking forward to creating a learning experience with my team that both students and staff will be excited about designing, using and re-designing.’

Catherine Robinson, Lecturer

‘I think Canvas provides the students with the opportunity to easily progress through the subject by having continuous pages in which all the content is discussed and presented.’

Dr Gabriela Quintana Vigiola, Lecturer in Planning

‘Canvas offers all of the components in one place to create a consistent staff and student experience. It provides self-contained ways for hosting planning, learning, assessment and active interaction and can integrate with external learning and collaboration technologies.’

Asif Gill, MIT Program Coordinator (Software Development Major)

‘Canvas makes it so easy to organise course content in a logical and creative way. Because it integrates functions across the platform, students are able to follow the flow of information and keep track of their progress and assessments.’

Vanessa Scarf, Course Coordinator, Graduate Diploma in Midwifery

“Canvas enables a clear modularised approach to constructing subjects so that students may follow pre class, in class and post class work in a linear timeline manner.”

Dr Deborah Fox, PhD Course Coordinator, Bachelor of Midwifery

“I love the fact I can personalise my teaching sites to reflect my personality and teaching style and the fact that Canvas is intuitive with regards to its use. “

Dr Cherie Lucas, Senior Lecturer (Pharmacy) and Manager of Clinical Placements

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