UTS’ new video-focused community of practice video returned in 2020 with an exciting second event on February 6th. This community aims to encourage the use of DIY video in the classroom by providing support and introducing new ideas. The follow-up to our successful first event contained a technological demonstration, a pedagogical presentation and an insight panel.

Our first speaker was Phillip Mills from the LX.lab, who spoke on using captioning with Kaltura. Online resources supporting this tool will be up on the LX.Resources page in the near future; in the meantime, some useful information can be found here, or you can book a drop-in session at the LX.lab for support.

Our next speaker was UTS careers consultant Nicole Papworth, who spoke about 3 seperate video projects she had done previously in collaboration with the LX.lab. Firstly, a short series of chunked videos created to replace a 45-minute lecture about creating a CV – the clips were then included within a compulsory online module on UTSOnline, with students being able to review the module when it was time to do their resume. In addition, an AI system provided personal feedback.

Nicole’s next two examples involved interviews with students and alumni. Using video for this purpose added authenticity by providing student-to-student advice, eliminating the need to continuously bring in guests and providing content that could be used across multiple classes.

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Finally, UTS Video Meet Ups host Matthew Vella held a panel with Sally Creagh about making Welcome Videos. Sally has recently been working on a lot of welcome videos in FEIT, giving her a unique insight into what makes a good Welcome Video for a subject. Sally said she feels that these videos should not aim to recreate the subject outline, but to set the tone of the subject and create a connection with the students.

Another great turn out for our UTS Video Meet Ups, our community of practice!

We had a great time and would like to thank everyone for coming. For those interested in attending our next event in April, you can register here.

Want to get a better idea of how UTS video meetup #2 was like? Watch the highlight reel below!

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