Hello Canvas! This week, nearly 600 more postgraduate subjects are being taught in Canvas, the learning management system (LMS) replacing Blackboard (UTSOnline) by 2022.

With both students and academics welcoming Canvas, we’re asking what is it about Canvas that makes this transition exciting?

Canvas – a foundation for engaged and active learning

Let’s break it down:

  • Intuitive: Canvas is a user friendly and intuitively designed platform, meaning that students and staff alike can easily navigate through their subjects and courses.
  • Collaborative: All the tools you need to create, engage and communicate are integrated into the platform, so that Canvas can evolve with changing needs.  Build, share and publish a wide range of interactive components in your Canvas subject site easily with H5P.
  • Connected: Academics have been supported throughout transformation by The LX.lab to create subject sites that strengthen consistency and connection across a course. Consistency helps creates a seamless user experience and hopefully academics won’t be asked where the subject outline is, ever again!

The next step in transformation

We’re pretty excited about the expansion of postgraduate subjects being taught in canvas, but this huge milestone wouldn’t have been possible without the phenomenal university-wide collaboration seen throughout 2019. We’re moving closer to a digital learning environment that supports the teaching we do, and importantly, one that enhances the student experience.

With postgraduate subjects now in Canvas, we will soon shift our focus to the undergraduate space and the next steps that will see Canvas becoming UTS’s dedicated learning management system (LMS).

Want to know more about the Transformation?

Check out the refreshed LX Transformation website for up-to-date information and FAQs.

You can also read about how Transformation is making a difference or browse through the LX Transformation future blogs for stories from academics and program updates.

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