When using Zoom, some UTS staff or students are seeing a message saying Waiting for Host, when the host has already started the session. Here is how to get around this problem while Zoom technologies fix this issue.

The work around is only for meetings created prior to today (23 March 2020), including meetings scheduled for future dates:

  1. Existing meetings, the meeting owner needs to:
  2. Exit the meeting
  3. Select “Meetings” from their Zoom control panel
  4. Select the appropriate meeting
  5. Scroll down and select “Advanced Options”
  6. Select “Enable join before host” 
  7. “Save”
  8. Restart the meeting

When creating a new meeting, always turn on “Enable join before host” in meeting settings. This is only for meetings created prior to the discovery of this issue today.

UTS ITD has already made this setting checked by default for any new meetings scheduled. Any new meeting scheduled or started now will have this option checked from now on. 

We will update everyone if anything changes.

Not sure if Zoom is for you, or unsure what Zoom is? Read these related articles to get more understanding on when to and when not to Zoom. 

  • I cannot see “Enable join before host” in meeting settings after I clicked on New Meeting or Join or even in setting page. Please advise, thank you.

    • Hi Wai, make sure you are using the UTS Zoom web portal to schedule any new meetings. Go to zoom.uts.edu.au and login with your UTS credentials. Click ‘Schedule A Meeting’ and you should see the option to ‘Enable join before host’ under Meeting Options. If you continue to have issues, please lodge a request to our team via http://www.lxlabservices.uts.edu.au

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