There might be a number of reasons behind a Zoom class not working as expected. Here is what you can do if that happens to you.

Why is Zoom playing up?

One possibility is the software is under pressure due to a greater number of people trying to use it at the same time – we are working on improving this. The other possibility is that the internet at home not working as well as usual for students and/or staff. 

If you have time before the class

Break large Zoom classes into smaller, more manageable ones. This is a good time to rethink any Zoom classes you have scheduled with more than 50 students in it. Our recommendation is to choose Zoom for small interactive groups only. Use Kaltura and screencasting for large cohorts or groups with little interaction.

If Zoom takes a while to start, you could take the time to prepare a question for students to discuss (via chat or via the LMS) or invite them to introduce themselves online.

During the class

Communicate with your students

The most important thing is to keep your students updated about what’s happening.  During the class you can use the chat feature in Zoom to send a message to your students. You can also post an announcement in UTSOnline (Blackboard) or Canvas and cancel the meeting if the issue continues to happen.

Remind them we are learning together in a challenging time where our online systems are under pressure and that you appreciate their patience. If the chat feature is working, give them a question to chat about or invite them to introduce themselves to each other and say where they are Zoom-ing in from.

Try to speed up the software

There are a couple of things you can do to unload the pressure in Zoom:

  • Turn off the video sharing from your students 
  • Mute all student microphones, including yours when you’re not speaking
  • Disable HD webcam video
  • Close other, unneeded applications on your computer
  • Avoid other activities that will steal bandwidth

If you continue to have problems with Zoom

Explore other media options

There are other options for you to deliver content to students without live streaming: Kaltura Capture can be used to record your screen, your webcam, or both at the same time. For more information about Kaltura, head to:

Request help from the LX.lab

The LX.lab is providing online support to all teaching staff. Lodge a ticket at or head to  and send us a message in the Live Chat.

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