With technology accelerating at such a heightened rate it’s sometimes hard to keep up with new tools that are available. Ever wonder what new tools are out there that you could be using to improve your teaching and learning experiences?

Our Tooltime event series is back to keep you up-to-date with the latest tools and technology to help you expand your learning and teaching toolkit. Every three weeks we will run a 30-minute workshop which will introduce and explore a new tool, concept or idea that you can seamlessly integrate into your classes.

This year we will be kicking off the series with Zoom and how to facilitate successful breakout rooms.

As we all know, moving online has transformed the teaching and learning landscape, and online platforms such as Zoom have been key in maintaining our connection to colleagues and students. Breakout rooms in Zoom have become an effective tool for creating spaces for small group discussions and collaboration.

Facilitating a breakout room requires careful planning and management so that all participants experience them as valuable learning environments. We will be introducing you to strategies you can use while facilitating breakout rooms and also have a short discussion group to share experiences.

Register here to join our first Tooltime session on Tuesday 12th May: https://lx.uts.edu.au/events/tooltime-facilitating-a-successful-breakout-room-in-zoom/

Breakout rooms are only the beginning – this year, we will be exploring tools such as Padlet, Microsoft Planner and H5P. Stay tuned on which tool we will explore next on our Events page.

Disclaimer: The Tooltime hosts make no claims on the utility of tools and do not necessarily provide support for the gadgets, widgets or workflows presented.

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