For some it feels just like yesterday, for others it feels like centuries since we started to integrate remote teaching learning and teaching practices into classes. I’ve scoured the UTS universe and pulled together the top 4 LX.lab events that are worth joining.

1. Add some interactivity to your classes using Authoring tool, H5P

5 – 26 May

Change up how you present content in your classes with H5P. H5P is an authoring tool that lets you create, share and reuse content using just your internet browser. 

Take a look at the H5P program and register now to secure your space.

2. Tooltime: Facilitating a successful breakout room in Zoom

Tue 12 May

Come along and learn about the strategies and resources to help you plan and run an effective Zoom breakout-room session.

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3. Learning through Covid-19: Agency, choice and purpose in learning and teaching

Wed 13 May

The focus of this third session in the Learning Through COVID-19 series will be on agency, choice and purpose. Agency is the ability to act and not feel helpless. But it is also so much more than an observable behaviour and self-initiated action. It can be learnt and fostered and it is a highly relational activity that connects the self with others in a given space and time context.

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4. UTS Video Meet-up

Thu 14 May

The LX.lab media team are loaning microphones for you to use to pre-record your lecture content. At this video meet-up, we’ll go over how you can use the microphone and answer any questions you may have.

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