Our community of practice for educational video continues to go strong! On August 13, our fourth video meet-up focused on designing modules around educational video & sourcing video clips via the UTS Library.

Pop-In to our new Pop-Up Studio!

Before we kicked things off, Nat Fay from the LX.lab Media Team spoke about our new Pop-Up studios available for staff.

Designing modules around educational video

Next, we had a really insightful presentation from Sally Hawse on designing modules around educational video. In the recorded version below, I refer to an article about the benefits of captioning & transcripts, which you can read here. Sally’s PowerPoint slides available for download below as well.

Finding and clipping video resources via the UTS Library 

Last but not least, David Litting closed off the event talking about finding and clipping video resources via the UTS Library. This presentation is usually an hour long, so David had to heavily condense it for us. Luckily, the longer version had previously been recorded, so we’ve decided to share that video instead with you below so you can get a more in-depth take on the subject. For more information and links to the various sources he mentioned, check out this blog.

We had a great time and would like to thank those for coming. For those interested in attending our next event in September, you can register for the fifth instalment of the UTS Video Meet-Up below.

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