Do you need an exam for Spring session? If so, what type of exam is the best fit for your subject? Can you use an alternative assessment instead?

Download the decision tree

To help you determine the type of assessment to run for this session, we have created a ‘decision tree’ which has been updated to reflect UTS physical distancing directive and assessment policy this Spring 2020. This will help you decide whether you can meet your assessment goals by re-weighting or redesigning your existing assessment tasks.

Further things to consider

As well as following the above decision tree, consider these questions before you complete your exam request.

  • Do I need an exam? Is it critical? 
  • Would an assessment meet the same subject learning outcomes as an exam? 
  • Are there certification requirements for my subject? Is invigilation required? 
  • Are the exam conditions (i.e.  open/closed book) suitable for the exam type? 
  • Is the weighting and length of my exam suitable? 
  • Does my exam reflect summative learning? 
  • Does the exam provide an opportunity to apply critical thinking in answers over recall? 
  • How can I redesign my exam to strengthen academic integrity? 
  • How can I equip my students with the capabilities and values to conduct ethically? 
  • Are there considerations for accessibility students required? 
  • How can I help my students prepare for this exam type? 
  • Do I need to update my subject outline? 
  • Looking at your assessment pattern overall, what amount of time should you consider to allocate to your marking?

Need advice on how to design alternative formats?

If you need some help on how to design and or implement your alternative forms of assessment in Canvas or UTSonline, please submit your query to the Lx.lab’s who can assist further.

Check the Lx.lab events page to see what upcoming workshops are available to help you design your alternative assessments.

Still require an exam for Spring 2020?

Examinations are centrally timetabled with the exam window commencing from the scheduled start time in the timetable. If you need a quick refresher on all the exam types, please visit the exams for remote teaching resource.

This page has been updated for Spring 2020 and includes guidance (via a SharePoint link; UTS log-in required) on how to submit an online exam request. The guide will inform you of all the considerations and changes to Spring 2020 session exams so you’re aware of the requirements for your final exam.

Image by majomka from Pixabay

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