We’ve all had to go about our business a little differently this year and the team at Instructure, specialists in Canvas, are no different. Each year they deliver CanvasCon, with the local version usually hosted near UTS at the International Convention Centre (catch up with our blog post from last year’s CanvasCon here). This year, it’s still a full day of presentations that offer insight and inspiration for Canvas users – but it will be a digital experience that you can tune in to from the comfort of your own home.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking – what about the catering? Unfortunately, yes, you will have to make your own sandwiches and cups of tea at this year’s CanvasCon. But there are some positives to come out of this change too.

It’s free for everyone

It costs nothing! And it’s open to anyone from UTS. You do still have to register though. What are you waiting for? You can register here.

You have 5 weeks to clear your day (or just catch up later)

There’s nothing quite like experiencing the live event, so try and block out as much of Thursday 15th October as you can. It kicks off at 10am so you’ve got plenty of time to get a morning coffee. If you have other commitments, don’t sweat – you can catch all the keynotes on demand at CanvasCon.com after the event.

A global event for a global audience

This year, all of the entire planet’s InstructureCon and CanvasCon events are being combined into one virtual event. This might mean a few less Australasian speakers, but it also offers a chance to hear a broader, more diverse range of experiences from around the world. There are 81(!) sessions, so get yourself acquainted with the day’s agenda and mark your favourites so you can get the most out of your experience.

Geordi La Forge from Star Trek is there…

The keynote speakers are a big drawcard this year. LeVar Burton will be known to Trekkies as Lt. Commander Geordi LaForge, but he’s also cofounder of the award-winning Skybrary App, hosts his own podcast (‘LeVar Burton Reads’) and has a new YouTube series highlighting racism in America.

…and so is Sal Khan

CanvasCan 2020 has been programmed around fresh pedagogical perspectives and resources for tackling learning loss – and the other keynote speaker, Sal Khan, will be actively addressing these themes. Sal’s nonprofit organisation, Khan Academy, is devoted to providing equitable access to quality education.

It’s all happening on Thursday 15th October – make sure you register to secure your place for CanvasCon 2020.

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