Need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students? Follow these steps for a smooth start to your subject.

Before launch day  

1. Check that your subject site is ready for students

Dot the i’s and cross the t’s. Use our checklist to check that your Canvas site is ready for students.
Need guidance to finalise on your subject milestones?  Contact your LXT Chapter as soon as possible. 

2. Update your readings with the Library’s new Reading List tool  

The new Reading List tool from the Library replaces the current eReadings (DRR) and Reserve services. The Library is running 30 minute training sessions on the Reading List – pop into one of these to learn more. 
Remember to enable and publish your Reading List in your subject site so students can access required and recommended readings from Canvas by launch day. 

On launch day, 15 February 

3. Send a Welcome announcement to your students from Canvas

Your subject site will be automatically published on Monday 15 February.

After your subject site is published, send your Welcome announcement. This is one of the key ways students will know that their learning for your subject will take place in Canvas and help them locate their subject site. Any announcements sent before your subject site is published will not be received by students.


Your Welcome announcement is essential for existing students, to make it clear that they will need to access Canvas for their subjects.

If you are also using Microsoft Teams for your subject, we recommend that you post a Welcome message there as well.  

A template Welcome announcement is available.

4. Familiarise yourself with how students will know we’ve moved to Canvas 

There will be notices and announcements on the following websites: 

  • UTS website 
  • myStudentAdmin 
  • UTSOnline login page and portal  
  • ServiceConnect help page 
  • Supporting Online Study page
  • UTS social media channels

Posters and flyers will be available on campus with information about the move, as well as digital screen messages.  

New students will receive information via a welcome email, the orientation portal and online information session.   
Students can also use from 15 February to check if their subjects are in Canvas or UTSOnline.  

5. Know where you and your students can go for Canvas support 

Support for your students

Support for you

Week 1 of session 

6.  Remind students where they can access their learning materials and online Zoom classes

Share these speaking points with tutors to use in their first session reminding students where to access their learning materials.  

If you are delivering classes online this session, we have some tips to help you keep Zoom links in a consistent space for students.

If you have on-campus classes, there is guidance on how to keep these COVID-safe, including information about face masks in classrooms at UTS.

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