As we start to return to campus more regularly, it’s important that we keep in mind how to stay safe at UTS. Safety comes first and is everyone’s responsibility.

Tips for staying safe

  • Keep the number for campus security saved in your phone (it’s 1800 249 559) 
  • Familiarise yourself with emergency procedure signage, the closest exit and assembly area
  • Watch the ‘Stay safe at UTS’ video below to know what to do in an emergency 

And while these tips are important for you as staff to remember, it is also critical that we remind students of their responsibilities when they are on campus too.  

Sharing the ‘Stay Safe at UTS’ video with students in Canvas 

If you are coordinating a subject where students are expected to be on campus, we recommend sharing this video in your Canvas site so it can be viewed before the first on-campus experience, such as a lecture or block day. You could share it in the Get Started module for subjects with regular on-campus learning experiences, or within a specific module before students are expected to be on campus in the pre-work section.  

To make things simple you can easily import the page from Canvas Commons to include in a specific Canvas course. Follow this brief video for instructions:

Feature image by Andy Roberts

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