As a part of the UTS Microsoft Office 365 subscription, all staff and students have access to the interactive Microsoft Whiteboard application. Whiteboard is a dynamic tool that is ideal for your classroom activities or meetings with colleagues. Here are a 3 reasons why you should consider using Whiteboard.

1. Draw & write with your peers – in real-time or asynchronously

The whiteboard application allows you to create as many whiteboards as you like. Each whiteboard gives you boundless space to add pen strokes, text, images, sticky notes and more. You can access the whiteboard within a Microsoft Teams meeting or in the standalone app – the latter has more custom features and functionality.

Whiteboard tools offer great value in a variety of classroom contexts. Check out the new Shared whiteboard resource from our growing collection of adaptable resources for teaching with technology for more inspiration.

2. Annotate documents

If you’ve got documents or articles, you can embed them into the whiteboard space. Whiteboard will accept PDF, Word documents and Powerpoint presentation files. It’s easy to add your own scribbles or notes, which can then be exported as an image, email attachment or Teams message.

3. Upvote good ideas

If you’ve ever been in a brainstorming session, you will probably know that it can sometimes be hard to settle on ideas or reach an agreement. In MS Whiteboard, you can ‘like’ sticky notes, text blocks and images to show your approval of a particular item.

There are plenty of other features to explore in Microsoft Whiteboard. If you’re keen to find out more about this application, please register for our Tooltime session on Wednesday 23rd June at 3pm.

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