The LX.Lab is working in collaboration with HELPS and the Student Learning Hub to present a Festival of Feedback for students. The festival has been designed to help students to develop feedback literacy and highlight its importance for learning. Originally intended to be primarily held onsite, the festival has now been redesigned for online engagement only. Students can find out more and register to attend here.

Spread the word!  

We need help to get the word out to students about this opportunity – simply share the registration link in your classes and encourage students to take advantage of the training available. 

Donut be afraid of feedback 

The festival will be held over 3 days from 31 August until 2 September. It’s timed for week 5 of Spring semester so that students will hopefully have some feedback that they can work with as a practical exercise. Students that undertake micro training or a 1:1 HELPS session will go in the running to win a range of donut-themed prize packs. Why donut-themed I hear you ask?  

A doughnut with a feedback cycle shown. The steps of the cycle are: Getting feedback; Understanding feedback; Using feedback.

The festival is using donuts as a theme to link back to the concept of feedback as a loop where feedback is situated as a continual process in learning.  

  • Getting feedback – Managing emotions, listening and asking questions (you want feedback!) 
  • Understanding feedback – Where is the main improvement needed? Is there something you need to practice or an idea you need to get your head around? 
  • Using Feedback – What could be done differently in your next assignment? What can you do to prepare for this? 

The festival offers a range of services to students to support them in recognising, understanding and using feedback in their learning. These services include:


Short 30-minute training sessions with the Student Learning Hub for guidance on ‘Embracing and Using Feedback’ or ”Learning from your Mistakes’. 

HELPS sessions 

A 1:1 talk with a HELPS adviser where students are encouraged to bring a recent piece of feedback that they can work through to understand and develop an action plan to guide their next steps.  

Student feedback resources 

Two self-help resources have been designed to assist students in making the most of feedback they receive:  

How you can help 

As well as letting students know about the festival and sharing the registration link, you can let them know about the above student feedback resources and services.

We hope to offer the festival again in Autumn 2022 and further raise awareness and understanding of how feedback can assist students in their learning journey – it goes around like a donut!  

Feature image by Kwa Nguyen

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