At our recent WIL Symposium, Director of Entrepreneurship Murray Hurps revealed what students identified as the key entrepreneurial skills they learned: perseverance, prioritisation, self- discipline, open-mindedness and adapting to change. These skills were all on display at another recent event – the annual UTS Start-Ups awards.

Meet Titan Biomechanics

At the awards, a group of biomedical engineering students known as Titan Biomechanics won the ‘Best UTS Startup (Ideas stage)’ award. This category recognised those at the beginning of their journey in exploring and developing solutions that are believed to make significant impact. 

The six students who form the Titan Biomechanics team
The Titan Biomechanics team (Jamie Miller pictured centre/front)

Titan Biomechanics worked on their start-up idea as part of a six-month internship included in their degrees. Their concept was an app that uses AI to monitor the body’s posture/technique and provide real-time feedback during exercise.

Developing the app concept

“We are currently still in the early stages of building our software and app” explains Jamie Miller from Titan Biomechanics. “But with the positive feedback and support of the UTS start-ups community we are hoping to turn our vision into a reality.”

The start-up company formed in mid-June and and they spent the first couple of weeks developing their lead concept. “After weeks of brainstorming, we managed to narrow our initial the ideas down to our current fitness app idea. We choose this idea due the potential and opportunity we believe the app has.” 

After those initial two weeks, the Titan Biomechanics experience was a remote one and the team persevered through Sydney’s second lockdown. “We have had a lot of challenges with not being able to collaborate and help each other as efficiently as we would have in person” says Jamie. “Nonetheless, this opportunity has been a wonderful experience that I wouldn’t have changed even a moment of and can’t wait to see what future has in store for us.”

Jamie Miller presents to a panel of judges at the UTS Start-Up awards via Zoom
Jamie presents at the UTS Start-ups Awards

Titan are now collaborating with the Sports Science team at Moore Park and are working on a concept for supporting pregnant women to exercise with the UTS Games Studio. It will be exciting to see this award-winning idea progress into implementation – the next stage of a success story for internships and start-ups at UTS.

  • This was a fantastic example of motivated students, a great lecturer (Nham Tran) and a community of entrepreneurs who really got around this team. A very inspiring story, thanks for sharing.

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