Next week is Open Access Week at UTS, which builds on the international version‘s theme of structural equality. From Tuesday 26 to Thursday 28 October, the UTS Library is hosting a set of panels and workshops from experts that will inspire new possibilities for your learning and teaching. Here’s our guide to what you can attend – all three panels kick off at midday.

1. Unlocking knowledge for social equity 

When: Tuesday 26 October, 12:00-1:00pm

Who’s speaking: Verity Firth (Executive Director, Centre for Social Justice and Inclusion, UTS), Michael Gonzalez (University Librarian, UTS Library), Liz Baker (Director, Library Resources and Discovery, UTS Library), Sally Scholfield (Director, Education & Research Services, UTS Library)

What’s being discussed: At UTS, we pride ourselves on our commitment to deliver positive social change through our teaching and research. Wider adoption of Open Access is arguably a very practical mechanism to support social justice, by widening participation and demonstrating that we are truly an inclusive university. Our panel of speakers will unpack what Open Access means at UTS and how we can transition and benefit from these new models of openness.

Registration: Unlocking knowledge for social equity

2. How open textbooks will change your life

When: Wednesday 27 October, 12:00-1:00pm

Who’s speaking: Amanda White (Senior Lecturer, UTS Business School), Sarah Lambert (Honorary Fellow, Deakin University), Mais Fatayer (Learning Design & Technology Specialist, UTS)

What’s being discussed: Open Textbooks are a recent innovation in free, digital texts. They’re the topic of this exciting panel discussion with experts from UTS and Deakin University. The panel will be exploring the challenges of adoption, adaptation and creation of Open Textbooks. They’ll also look at the Australian context and how open textbooks address redistributive (economic), recognitive and representational justice.

Registration: How open textbooks will change your life

3. Open Data: Engaging Research, Empowering Communities

When: Thursday 28 October, 12:00-1:00pm

Who’s speaking: Alana Piper (Australian Centre for Public History), Deborah Marsh (School of Life Sciences)

What’s being discussed: Equitable access to open data advances scientific inquiry and increases opportunities for learning, engagement and innovation. It also poses challenges when balancing a desire to share with legal, ethical and commercial obstacles. Join our panel for a practical discussion about how open data empowers their research and the knowledge commons.

Registration: Open Data: Engaging Research, Empowering Communities

More to explore

In addition to the panels, there are one-hour workshops at 2pm on Wednesday and Thursday that are in keeping with those days’ themes. On Wednesday, learn how to Unlock educational resources for your class at an online workshop that will show you how to find OERs and where to start with making your own. On Thursday, learn how to make your research ‘open access’ and get tips on finding the appropriate journals to publish in at the Publishing in Open Access journals workshop.

In the lead-up to the weeks’ events, we’ll be running blog posts by the LX.lab team on the subject of open access over the next few days to whet your appetite. Mais Fatayer asks ‘Why are open educational resources missing from the learning and teaching picture?’ and reveals a new collection of resources that suggest approaches for integrating OERs into your teaching. Plus Sharleen Heng will explore what makes a video ideal for reusing and sharing.

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