On Tuesday August 31, our 9th meet-up took place and, as always, we’ve got the recordings and a quick recap for anyone who missed out.

An incomplete guide to video genre switching

Our first presenter was David Yeats from the LX.lab, who has been experimenting with delivering the same content in a variety of different styles, or genre switching. This approach is built on the framework Natasha Sutevski spoke about at our last community of practice. For more information, be sure to check out David’s blog Bring variety to video lectures: a tale of 3 genres.

Lights, Camera, Audio, Action: Improving your home set up for Zoom

Our next speaker was Colin Klupiec from FASS, who walked us through his amazing home Zoom studio set up. Colin utilises his iPhone as a webcam, using an app called Camo. I should note – Camo is not a free app, but if you get in contact, they do provide discounts for educators. For video editing, Colin talks about using LumaFusion, but for those looking for free video editors you can check out this interactive H5P module for Windows 10 Video Editor and iMovie.

We had a great time and would like to thank our speakers for their insights, as well as everyone who attended the events. Our next event is going to be something special: to celebrate our 10th meet-up, we’re hosting a cross-institutional event with many special guests. You can register for the 10th instalment of the UTS Video Meet-Up below. We hope to see you there!

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