Last year, we highlighted some of the key resources and services provided to UTS academics by AVS. Here, we explore the new tool we were particularly excited about – a catalogue of virtual reality tours!

Plan your post-lockdown classrooms

With Sydney easing out of restrictions and vaccination numbers increasing, there’s a new-found energy in discovering and utilising the various spaces at UTS that will encourage student collaboration and active learning for future classes.

The catalogue of 360 VR Tours from AVS guides you through some of UTS’s larger teaching spaces. This provides an interactive way to assess the spaces, understand the facilities and plan your teaching.

Not having to be physically onsite to familiarise yourself with these classrooms allows you to do some planning or get some basic training in a remote capacity. This means you can have confidence that you’re using an appropriate classroom for what you’re trying to achieve without even stepping on campus. It’s also ideal for new staff or staff who may be unfamiliar with the range of classrooms at UTS.

New additions

Here are some of the recently added rooms, all housed within UTS Central (Building 2):

Interested in using some of these collaborative spaces in UTS Central? In an upcoming new three-part blog series, we take inspiration from 2019’s Festival of Learning Design and showcase our large collaborative classrooms – as a bonus, we’ll be presenting COVID-safe, hybrid learning alternatives to the various collaborative activities.

Our picks

Looking for something expansive, ideal for Zoom or as green as Kermit the Frog? Here are some of our favourite rooms to discover…

Find out more about how 360 VR tours work and how AVS can support you with your return to campus at our online event on Tuesday 25th January. There are five half-hour slots to choose from, so you can pick the Zoom session that works best for you.

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