Subjects are live but you may still need to make sure that your Canvas content is ready to go for students on Monday 14th February. Follow these steps for a smooth start to your subject.

Before February 14th💘

Is your subject site ready for students?

Need guidance to finalise and check your subject? Contact the LX.lab as soon as possible.

Enable UTS Library’s Reading List tool

The Library has some excellent guides on how to set up your Reading List in Canvas. Visit the UTS Library’s guides and Quick start to Reading Lists, or contact the Library directly if you need further assistance.
Remember to enable and publish your Reading List in your subject site so students can access required and recommended readings from Canvas before they start.

On February 14th ❤️‍🔥

Send a Welcome announcement to your students from Canvas

Sending your Welcome announcement is one of the key ways students will know that their subject is available in Canvas. Be sure your site is published on Feb 14th because any announcements sent before your subject site is published will not be received by students.

You can use our template from Welcome your students to Autumn 2022. Also consider how you’re able to build belonging though your first welcome announcement

Set a clear communication strategy

It’s really important to have a communication strategy and explain this strategy to to students. It doesn’t need to be complicated – simply state how and when you’re going to communicate. For example, “I’ll send an announcement from Canvas every week on Monday afternoon…”

For examples of other tools and strategies for communication, visit Communicate with your students in Autumn 2022.

Where can your students go for support?

Where can you go for support?

Week 1 of session 💟

Teach Safely on campus

To ensure that you can teach on campus in the safest way possible for you and your students, check the COVID safety guidelines that have been introduced by UTS. Slides will be available for you to share with students so they are across health and safety guidelines, correct mask-wearing and classroom etiquette.

Much of our previous advice on Return to campus: what to do for day one has not changed for 2022. The principles are the same. Announcements have also been made in Canvas detailing how students can help keep our UTS community low-risk, safe and welcoming.

Online lectures

UTS has made the decision to put ‘lectures’ online for Autumn, while more interactive classes such as tutorials will be offered on campus. Some general feedback from students on how to make great lecture videos has been summarised by Shirley Alexander in her recently published blog Lectures are online again – here are 5 strategies for good practice.

Build belonging

It’s essential we make students feel welcome, included and valued at this time. Help them feel ‘at home’ in their university study and experience a sense of connection to their peers online and on-campus. 

Practice how you can Build belonging into your first class. Consider things like:

  • How you introduce yourself (and the discipline)
  • Provide an opportunity for peer introductions
  • Relate your subject to being a professional in your field
  • Reassure students and normalise challenges
  • Provide a road map to the subject

Celebrate diversity and break the ice

Celebrate diversity in your classroom. It’s a great strength of UTS classes that we create “learning environments of celebration which eagerly reach into the exceptional.”

Some ideas to help you get your class community building started can be found at our Adaptable resources for teaching with technology from Icebreakers and ‘morning tea’ to reading and note taking – there’s plenty to explore and try out.

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