At UTS, integrity means having the strength of character to act in an honest, fair and responsible manner. Academic integrity upholds these values in relation to all learning, teaching and research activities and is key to success at university and beyond. It’s an important topic to clearly communicate to students, not just for their current studies but also for their future career.

It’s our responsibility when talking to our students to ensure we help them appreciate that what they learn about integrity with us at UTS links directly to ethics and professionalism in the world beyond UTS. 

Maryanne Dever

To give students a better understanding of these issues, HELPS (with the help of the LX.lab) have created adaptable modules in Canvas that tackle the subject of academic integrity in a discipline-specific context. We have opted for the title ‘Avoiding Plagiarism’ (as opposed to ‘Academic Integrity’), as student focus groups revealed a better understanding of this term.

What’s included in the modules?

Each module comprises of three scaffolded sections: 

  • discipline-specific information on academic and professional integrity and examples
  • tutorials on how to paraphrase, summarise, quote and reference
  • a quiz consisting of 10 or more randomised questions to test students’ understanding of academic (and professional) integrity that can be recorded in the Canvas Gradebook

Each module employs a responsive design for accessibility and real-time feedback for interactivity. It also features various videos that make the content more accessible.

Discipline-specific content

Content development has been a collaborative endeavour between HELPS and academics from each discipline. The available modules are:

  • Business
  • Design Architecture & Building
  • Education
  • Engineering & IT
  • Health
  • Journalism
  • Law (Introductory, Intermediate, Proficient)
  • Generic

Resources and contacts

  • View and import the content from Canvas Commons with guidance from this resource page
  • Add prerequisites and requirements to guide students through the content in your subject
  • If you need help with importing the Avoiding Plagiarism module into your Canvas subject site or setting the module as a prerequisite, get in touch with the LX.lab by logging a ticket via ServiceConnect
  • If you want to discuss the content or have any further questions about the modules, contact

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