For those who have been teaching at UTS for a while, Echo360 is likely a familiar name. In the pre-COVID era, it was an important part of supporting learning at UTS. As a lecturer, you may have previously taught in one of the Echo360-enabled theatres on campus – such as CB05.01.11 or the Guthrie Theatre in Building 6. When delivering a lecture in one of these rooms, Echo360 would automatically record your lecture and make it available for students to view on their subject site. 

Times have changed, and at UTS we are now lucky to have access to other media tools with more sophisticated options for creating content, like Kaltura. It is for this reason that the decision has been made to phase out Echo360 as a UTS-supported tool. From 29 July 2022, Echo360 will no longer be available to use in lecture theatres or on personal devices. 

What if I have recordings on Echo360 that I still use? 

From our investigation, we have discovered that Echo360 is currently only used by a small minority of staff. If you don’t have any Echo360 content, then you don’t need to worry – but do stay tuned for exciting news about the new state-of-the-art LX.lab Media Space, which will provide a new and improved alternative for creating online content.

If you still use Echo360 recordings, we have developed a resource to help you download your recordings. Please refer to this guide for more information: Download recordings from Echo360

As always, the LX.lab is here to support you with any questions you may have about this change. Please log a ticket via and one of our team members will be able to assist you. 

Feature image by Lucas Alexander.

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